Faced with rising prices, the latter tries to optimize the point of view of its customers!

Amazon has just declared that their price will soon increase from September. Faced with this alarming news, they are trying to reassure their members!

Amazon’s new position has been a source of controversy among Internet users. The latter declared that his decision to increase the price of his subscription by 43% is irrevocable.

They have no choice because they are also constrained by circumstances. Nevertheless, the head of the e-commerce company wanted to speak to reassure the public about certain details. We tell you about them in this article!

Amazon is increasing its prices starting next month!

For quite some time, rumors have been circulating about a possible increase in the price of services on Amazon. As since 2008, such a situation has never happened so many people had a hard time believing its veracity. Until the day an official announcement was posted online, which shocked more than one !

Following this statement, series of worry and torment eventually overwhelmed netizens. This is particularly noted for long-time Amazon subscribers! They are the main ones affected by this price increase. Because of this sudden inflation, their monthly payment to enjoy the services of the platform will also be increased!

At first, they paid only 5.99 euros every month. From now on, faced with this revaluation, they will now have to pay around 6.99 euros to remain a member of the platform. At the same time, new members of Amazon will also be victims of this increase. To register for this offer, you will now have to pay a sum of 69.90 euros.

But in the past, the subscription on Amazon was far from being as expensive as that! Just with 49 euros, you already had the opportunity to use all the site’s offers for a month. This is free of charge until your subscription renewal for the following month! Only, we have just discovered that this will totally change from September 15, 2022.

Jeff Bezos explains the motivations of the company!

Following the mass dissemination of this information, the newspaper Le Parisien called Jeff Bezos for an interview. This is the first person in charge of the company! This magazine wanted to have more details on this next increase. This Amazon executive explained that they are obliged to undertake this maneuver.

After the recent crises, operating costs have increased significantly for some time. Faced with these changing socio-economic contexts, Amazon has been forced to increase its prices because the shipping costs of products have also increased. Nevertheless, the latter wanted to specify that after this increase of 43%, there will be no more second rise in prices.

Additionally, the platform will do what is necessary to always ensure the quality of its service. Thus, it encourages those new to Amazon’s offer not to turn back. Despite its current exorbitant price, it is still the best remote digital sales service. In addition, you will always be rewarded with the other services of the site by subscribing.

We note that Amazon prime, prime video or prime gaming! However, it was pointed out thatthere is no turning back from their decision . His interest in this speech is now to convince everyone of the effectiveness of the subscription. In relation to the complaints made by customers concerning this increase, they are unable to respond satisfactorily!

Amazon: The leaders of this service have simplified the procedures for unsubscribing!

If at first, many claimed the difficulty of the procedures within Amazon. Faced with this restrictive situation, the managers of this service have tried to understand their customers. In addition, they decided to give free choice to them to make their decision !

In other words, Amazon hopes that this new change will not affect the number of its subscribers. However, they also know the financial difficulties present in the territory. For this purpose, they have agreed to facilitate the withdrawal of customers from the subscription if they are no longer motivated!

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