Farewell WIP, make way for Purview: Microsoft changes gear on DLP

Microsoft has officially phased out WIP (Windows Information Protection). What are the next steps for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Thinking of implementing WIP (Windows Information Protection)? Maybe you should reconsider your plans. Microsoft, in any case, strongly recommends it. And for good reason: the service is officially on the way to extinction.

WIP had arrived on Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update (version 1607). At the end of the day, two main features. On the one hand, separate personal data from professional data. On the other, protect them. Both on managed devices (MDM mode) and on BYOD devices (MAM mode).

What will happen now? As of now, Microsoft stops adding features to WIP. However, it continues to provide support in phase with the life cycle of the different versions of Windows. But not for all scenarios. By the end of 2022, support for unmanaged devices with Intune will end.

What successor? Microsoft invites you to turn to the Purview cloud suite. This includes a DLP brick with potentially wider coverage than WIP (macOS, Chrome, third-party SaaS)… provided that the right options are associated with it. And switch to a usage-based billing model. Knowing, for Microsoft 365 users, that some features require at least an E5 license. DLP at the terminal level – therefore, among other things, the professional/personal separation – is one of them.

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