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Last Seen Alive // ​​By Brian Goodman. With Gerard Butler, Jaimie Alexander and Russell Horsnby.

Gerard Butler returns to serve us a soup clearly intended for Liam Neeson. Brian Goodman, for whom this is his third film, gives us an automatic film with no real surprises. For a film of this genre, this one is quite bland and unoriginal. Let’s say that the plot follows its path without creating surprise and the marshmallow ending does not offer anything particularly touching. It is therefore on Gerard Butler that the film is based since Jaimie Alexander, capable of a lot in terms of action, is only offered a few boring flashbacks which come to decorate the story with some elements on the relationship between our hero and his wife. Last Seen Alive then resembles those low-budget films that Bruce Willis was fond of before stopping his career. There is no budget and it shows very quickly. From the beginning I had the impression of seeing a bad remake of The Disappeared (with Sandra Bullock and Kiefer Sutherland) released in the 90s but without the same sustained rhythm and without this ability to create surprises throughout the story.

A man’s future ex-wife mysteriously disappears at a gas station. A race against time ensues to find her in the criminal underbelly of the city.

Last Seen Alive then appears a bit like a second-rate thriller that comes to serve the viewer on a hollow Sunday evening. The dialogues are not necessarily inspired or memorable and leave a rather bitter aftertaste. Where Last Seen Alive could have stood out, it is not. Gerard Butler tries to do his best with what he has in his hands, in vain. We spend a good part of the film with the hero in his car, but very little happens before arriving at the ridiculous and simplistic outcome. The fact that the ending is so sloppy does not allow you to fully attach to the story and the suspense that it tries to create does not work because the villains of the story are ultimately both predictable and/or uninteresting. There are no big bad wolf in the forest, just junkies who wanted to make money without a strong connection. Last Seen Alive lacks a lot of things and not only in staging it is also a concept that has no interest so many other films of the genre have exploited it better. Brian Goodman should continue to act and give up directing.

Rating: 3/10. In short, a no-budget thriller that purrs without taking us anywhere thrilling. Shame.

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