first leaked images for Amazon TV series

Nothing remains secret for long in the small world of video games – and this also applies to projects that revolve, directly or indirectly, around the industry. Illustration by example today with a series of stolen photos from the filming of the fallout from Amazon, presenting the first visuals known to date of this adaptation intended for the small screen. Since its announcement in 2020, the project has captured the attention of fans, anxious to see the universe of their favorite post-apocalyptic franchise respected to the highest degree…. Especially after the disappointment of Fallout 76the latest game from Bethesda.

A priori, Fallout in TV series version should remain faithful to the artistic direction launched by Bethesda, rather than that of its progenitors from Black Isle Studios.

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Serial leaks for the fallout from Amazon

This series of leaks began last week, on July 23 precisely, with a set of photos taken at the filming locations of the series in California and posted on Twitter. We can see an extra wearing the famous blue jumpsuit emblematic of the shelters of the game, as well as a glimpse of the look of these underground refuges having preserved part of the population during the outbreak of the nuclear apocalypse.

But even more interestingly, the power armor revealed itself today in a photo uploaded to hosting site Imgur. This all-metal suit, well known to fans, will therefore make an appearance in the series, and will visibly take on the look of the T-60 model as presented in the games. Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 from Bethesda. In the absence of first concrete information on the synopsis of this adaptation, it would seem clear that Amazon is clearly inspired more by the lore of the American east coast of the franchise, rather than episodes of Black Isle Studios or Obsidian. A logical choice, given the release date of the games, in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

On the casting side of the series, several names were revealed by the Variety site at the end of last month. We thus learned that Kyle MacLachlan, the star of Twin Peaks, will be there alongside Aaron Moten and Xelia Mendes-Jones. Ella Purnell, main actress in the series Yellowjacketswill headline this Amazon production.


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