Former Xbox Exec Explains Why Microsoft Encouraged Console Wars

Former Xbox executive Peter Moore, who helped oversee the company during the Xbox 360 era, recently explained how he “encouraged console wars” within his team to create a healthy competition. Xbox’s main rival at the time was Sony and its PlayStation 3 console, which was challenged by Xbox-exclusive titles, Xbox Live, and a lack of executives. ready to get tattooed to help promote upcoming games.

“We encouraged console wars, not to create division, but to challenge each other, and when I say myself, I mean Microsoft and Sony,” Moore told the Front Office Sports podcast. “If Microsoft hadn’t stayed the course after Xbox, after the red rings of death, gaming would be a poorer place for it, you wouldn’t have the competition you have today.”

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The red rings of death were an infamous error message born from cracking ball bearings in components due to repeated heating and cooling as the system cycled on and off. As the recent Xbox documentary revealed, the hardware fault was costly for Microsoft to understand and fix. “By the time we looked at the cost of repairs, the lost sales that we factored in, we had a $1.15 billion problem,” Moore said in The Story of Xbox chapter that chronicled the journey of the Xbox 360.

Moore left Microsoft in 2007 and in the years since has served as chairman of EA Sports, CEO of Liverpool Football Club and is currently an executive at Unity. While console wars still rage between a very small number of people convinced that their particular console is superior to the other, the fictional conflict is largely ignored.

Cross-platform and cross-play functionality has erased digital boundaries for a number of games, and the market’s biggest franchises have taken a cross-platform approach even in an era of big-budget acquisitions such as Microsoft’s planned purchase of ‘Activision Blizzard or the latest Sony. deal which saw Destiny 2 developer Bungie join its ranks.

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