French Montana informs that labels take out life insurance on rappers

French Montana reports the new find of music labels to make millions of dollars. They subscribe their artists to life insurance policies in order to pocket the jackpot upon their death.

French reveals a practice that offends morality

In “Off The Record”, French Montana and Dj Akademiks discussed how the industry benefits from the death of artists. Many rappers have passed away in recent years. The guest reveals that in the face of this, labels have started taking out life insurance policies on the talents they sign.

He explains: “We were fighting for real. People were dying, and it was losing a lot of money… Your rapper friends stop earning, brands too. It becomes worrying. But now it’s even more serious, they get life insurance on artists…”.

The fact intrigued the host who asked if brands also indulged in this practice. He answered ” Nope “. He pursues : “…They are realistic. You’re supposed to have life insurance anyway, but when the brand does, if you don’t, that’s a big deal”.

A glance in the rear view mirror reveals the tragic loss of several rappers such as: Drakeo The Ruler, Young Dolph, Nipsey Hussle, Trouble, King Von… Note in passing that Eric Holder the murderer of Nipsey Hussle was found guilty.

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