Game Pass: Microsoft is testing a “family” subscription around €20 per month

If your family and friends are as addicted to video games as you are, Microsoft has good news: a “family” subscription to Game Pass is being tested in certain regions of the world.

Subscribing to the Game Pass service will no doubt soon become much more interesting. Microsoft has just launched a life-size test for a new subscription formula to its service, which allows you to share your access with four additional people.

Not yet available in France

The Game Pass Family subscription has been the subject of many rumors for several months, but the Windows publisher has finally lifted the veil on this new service, still in the test phase for the moment. Unfortunately, this new subscription is not yet available in France. Only players residing in Colombia and Ireland can benefit from it. And again: even in these countries, access is not open to everyone, only people who are part of the Insider program (who receive and test the new products first) will be able to take advantage of it.

This offer, similar to what other services like Spotify offer, seems particularly interesting on paper. The Game Pass subscription is already rich in advantages (access to a large catalog of games, to cloud-gaming, etc.), but, once the cost is divided between five people (four guests + the holder of the subscription), the service becomes unbeatable. “This makes it even easier to play the best Game Pass games with friends and family on console, PC and in the cloud”boasts Microsoft.

A very permissive formula

Let’s be clear, this is not a stupid sharing of identifiers, but a subscription where each guest account benefits from its own access to the service, with all the advantages it contains. The conditions of access are framed by Microsoft. Members of the Xbox All Access program, for example, cannot subscribe to it and the subscription displays a price mechanically a little higher than that of Game Pass Ultimate. As the press release states, “a full month of Ultimate subscription will be converted into 18 days of subscription to this plan”. For a full month, it will therefore be necessary to count on a price of around 20 €.

This family subscription seems for the moment very permissive. Unlike other services of the same type, this Game Pass formula can be shared with anyone, even people who live outside your household. In its press release, the company simply states that “the people you share your subscription with do not have to be Insiders, but must reside in the same country as you”, which leaves the door open to large-scale sharing. If Microsoft remains as open on this point, there is no doubt that account sharing will become a national sport.

All the information and limitations concerning this new subscription formula are available on the Microsoft site, but unfortunately no details on the availability in France have yet been communicated.

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