Gard: cannabis, insurance, cigarette butt throwing, cascade of fines and offenses for a motorist

On July 23, at the sight of the gendarmes, a motorist, whose technical control of his vehicle had expired and who had no insurance, threw his joint out of the window in RĂ©moulins in the Gard. All this for one man.

Three fines and two offences: this is the performance accomplished by a single man, Saturday July 23, at the A9 toll booth in Remoulins and which the Gard gendarmerie recounts on its Facebook page.

While the soldiers were carrying out checks, the individual, driving his car in which a child had also been seated, on seeing the gendarmes, threw his cigarette butt out of the window in a context of high fire risk. At the time of the check, challenged by the smell, the gendarmes found that the cigarette in question was attached.

In addition, the motorist had no insurance certificate and the technical inspection of his vehicle had expired.

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