Health insurance for expatriates: Henner supports companies and individuals in their international mobility

Henner, health partner for expatriates on a daily basis

Whether individuals or employees of a company, Henner offers solutions and services dedicated to each of its policyholders on international mobility, wherever they are in the world. For this and because it is committed to being a real health partner on a daily basis and at each stage of their expatriation, Henner favors support that is both human and digital.

Its mission is above all to manage the health of men and women and the sometimes delicate moments of life, which is why its policyholders benefit, for the management of their contract, from multilingual interlocutors (26 languages ​​spoken), experts of the social protection of expatriates and who know the specificities of their coverage, allowing them to be offered the best possible care and to respond to each of their needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Expatriates have simplified management of their contract and their procedures, thanks to digital tools (mobile application and customer area) to follow their reimbursements, request hospital care, send their supporting documents directly by simple photo, contact their Management Unit, geolocate health professionals anywhere in the world, etc.

They also benefit from unlimited access to a teleconsultation service by rigorously selected doctors, with the possibility of being taken care of by a French practitioner, both for everyday ailments and for mental health issues. This service meets the level of quality required in terms of care for policyholders, but also the constraints of language and availability according to time zones…

Finally, Henner also has the mission of facilitating access to quality care for its policyholders, wherever they are in the world. To do this, the group has built an international network of health professionals that it develops and maintains on a daily basis, which guarantees quality of care and cost control for its expatriates thanks to negotiated rates and the establishment of a third party paying to avoid the advance of costs.

Tailor-made solutions for individual expats

Whether active, retired, self-employed, students or holders of Working Holiday Permits (PVT), Henner offers solutions that adapt to the profile of each expatriate to best meet their needs and those of their families.

They are supported in the construction of their health cover according to their host country, the composition of their household, their needs and their budget. And even until their return to France! The objective: to be at their side throughout their expatriation journey and to allow them to benefit from the French health system, wherever they are in the world.

> Henner health offers

Henner solutions cover the main healthcare items: hospitalization, optical, dental, maternity, day-to-day care, from the 1er euro spent or in addition to the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE). Developed in partnership with the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger, this solution provides them with quality health coverage and the recovery of their rights to the basic French Social Security scheme at the end of their expatriation, with Henner as their sole contact.

> The services offered in addition

Henner health solutions go far beyond a simple table of guarantees. High value-added services are included in each of the offers, such as unlimited access to a teleconsultation service, a funeral expenses package and access to our medical network. And to go further, tailor-made options are offered, adapted to each family: repatriation assistance, civil liability and provident insurance.

“Our expertise and our offers aim to provide French people moving abroad with the best possible social protection. We live in a country where we have access to a healthcare system that is unique in the world: expatriates also deserve to feel protected in the event of a problem. Henner is a trusted player, which offers real support for expatriates, which therefore allows them peace of mind”, says Ionel Nathou, Commercial Director of the Henner Group

Henner, the health asset for companies and employees on international mobility

A specialist in social protection and social benefits, Henner is a major player in supporting companies in the development of their international strategy and their mobility programs.

Improving the care experience, optimizing costs for companies and facilitating their procedures and the lives of their employees at each stage of their mobility are the main drivers of the Henner teams. To do this, their expertise and know-how are based on three pillars:

  • Recognized consulting expertise: tailor-made educational support for the definition, construction and management of company mobility programs
  • Medical support: a dedicated team for the medical follow-up of all their employees (health check-ups, regular follow-up of pathologies, recommendations from health providers, etc.) and the control of their health expenses thanks to our international healthcare network
  • A customer and insured experience: a single point of contact with the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger, an aggregation of additional services for a global care pathway (teleconsultation, assistance, prevention, etc.), digital tools for daily management simplified procedures

> A dedicated team of experts

In order to advise companies and make their international mobility policy a real asset, Henner provides them with a dedicated team of experts for 360° support:

  • its social protection specialists are always on hand
  • its actuaries and statisticians support them in managing their income statements
  • its legal team monitors regulatory changes and any impact on their contracts
  • its doctors, nurses and medical coordinators provide medical and health support adapted to each employee in all situations
  • its marketing and communication teams provide them with a range of media and communications for their employees

The agility of our consulting, medical, management, legal and actuarial teams allows us to constantly adapt to the needs of each client and thus contribute to the performance of their business. » explains Nicolas Witdouck, Director of International Mobility and Social Benefits of the Henner Group

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