Here is the ultimate Amazon plan that will make you crack on the wheel with Logitech pedals

Give your car racing games an extra dimension, thanks to this steering wheel with Logitech pedals at a bargain price on Amazon!

Whether it’s rally games, Formula 1 or simple car racing, games involving vehicles are significantly more immersive when driven with a steering wheel than with a regular gamepad. Amazon invites you to discover the joys of automotive simulation with the Logitech G29, a steering wheel and pedals set currently on sale at a price of 258.99 euros.

A steering wheel and pedals set at a low price on Amazon

The Logitech G29 Driving Force includes a steering wheel and a set of three pedals, perfect for driving your virtual vehicles like in real life. Compatible with PCs, Macs and PS4 and PS5 consoles, this model is usually offered at the recommended price of 399 euros. On the occasion of a 35% price reduction, Amazon is reducing it to only 258.99 euros (a saving of 141 euros). This steering wheel with pedals, which already offers excellent value for money in ordinary times, becomes even more advantageous at this price!

The Logitech G29: a premium and high-performance racing wheel

The Logitech G29 is an excellent accessory to increase the immersion of your car racing and driving games: the steering wheel offers a particularly realistic rendering, thanks to its hand-stitched leather covering reminiscent of the most prestigious car brands. Plus, it features dual-motor force feedback, which lets you feel even the most subtle road vibrations. The maximum rotation of 900° gives you a wide range of driving, to maneuver with dexterity and precision. Finally, height-adjustable pedals let you control throttle, clutch and brake with your feet, just like in the real world.

Find here the Amazon offer on the Logitech steering wheel

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