Here’s How The Integration Between Canvas And Microsoft 365 Can Improve Blended Learning

Many institutions have embraced blended learning as an alternative to students physically attending classes, with one of the major contributors to this being COVID-19. This requires putting in place tools that allow educators to communicate with students as if they were attending classes in person.

But since that’s often not the case, we’ve seen educators use tools to ensure they’re able to close the gap. For example, Microsoft just shared how teachers can leverage Microsoft 365 and Canvas to improve blended learning. Canvas is a web-based tool that is used in schools by course facilitators and students to access and track online course learning materials.

The integration between Canvas and Microsoft Teams can be used by educators to combine the productivity of Teams tools such as Educations Insights and Viva Learning with the power of Canvas capabilities. It further provides students with access to “world-class” experiences and can equip them with the technical skills needed for the job market.


On top of that, new tools and features will be added to Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) offerings with Canvas this summer, such as a new Teams Classes LTI, new Teams Meetings LTI, and new OneDrive LTI with Canvas.

First is the new Teams Classes LTI which allows students to move from their course in Canvas to the corresponding class team in Microsoft Teams. It will allow students to create, view, organize and join their Teams meetings directly from Canvas. As for the OneDrive LTI, course leaders will now be able to “create assignments, add content using the rich content editor (RCE) and modules, and create collaborative documents in Canvas”. Immersive Reader will also come to Canvas with the aim of improving accessibility.

Another great feature is the OneDrive LTI which allows students and teachers to access both shared files and Teams files on Canvas, building directly on the principle of improving accessibility. Users also have the ability to create assignments, start collaborations, or add cloud files to lesson plans and Canvas pages.

You can also create channel meetings from Canvas courtesy of Teams Meetings LTI., which makes it easy to hold meetings, where all the rich collaboration features of Teams are accessible in one convenient place. Users will also be able to access recordings and attendance reports in Teams Meetings LTI.

Here's how the integration between Canvas and Microsoft 365 can improve blended learning - - July 21, 2022

Users will also receive Teams notifications on Canvas, allowing them to respond to messages and participate in discussions without necessarily having to leave Canvas.

Here's how the integration between Canvas and Microsoft 365 can improve blended learning - - July 21, 2022

Finally, the Teams Classes LTI app comes with content creation features, which means teachers and students can come together and work on a project in Canvas.

Here's how the integration between Canvas and Microsoft 365 can improve blended learning - - July 21, 2022

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