How Ameli simplifies powers of attorney (for policyholders unable to travel)

It sometimes happens that one is obliged to move to the counter in an exceptional way. However, it is not always so simple! Are you in this difficult situation? For all matters relating to health insurance, an alternative has been found: from your Ameli personal space, you can indeed give a power of attorney to a loved one to carry out the procedure on your behalf at a reception point. of CPAM.

Please note that this solution does not apply to just any request! This concerns procedures relating to an occupational disease or an accident at work, maternity or paternity leave, daily allowances, work stoppage or complementary health insurance.

To do this, log in to your personal space on and click on “Make or revoke a power of attorney online”.

Click on “Make or revoke a power of attorney online” – (Screenshot)

You must then fill in online the identity of the adult person who will represent you.

The document is generated instantly and valid for 1 month but it can be revoked at any time from your account. Your designated relative must go to the CPAM with this power of attorney, their identity document and your Social Security number to carry out the process on your behalf.

Good to know

In the absence of Ameli personal space, you can always write the power of attorney on plain paper. On the other hand, the person acting for you will then have to present a copy of your identity card.

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