How to configure Windows 11 without a Microsoft account?

Signing in to a Microsoft account is now required to install Windows 11. An authentication step has been added to the OBBE, and it is no longer possible to set up a new installation with a local account. The Microsoft account brings additional features, such as backing up documents with OneDrive and Office, and synchronization between multiple devices. But many users are reluctant to use these online services, or simply want to set up a fresh Windows installation for a relative or client. Some have therefore looked for a way around this rule, and you will find in this article two simple but effective strategies.

First technique: offline configuration

When you get to the step of signing in to your Microsoft account, you will simply simulate no internet connection. The setup wizard will not be able to connect to your account on Microsoft’s remote servers, so it will simply skip this step.

During the configuration process, completely disconnect from the network, by unplugging the Ethernet cable or the box. When you get to the step of signing in to the Microsoft account, open the command prompt with the Shift and F10 keys, and type “OOBEBYPASSNRO“. Windows will start the setup process again. This time you can choose “I don’t have internet” and then “Continue with limited installation”.

Second technique: use a bad e-mail address

This method uses a flaw in the Windows system, which assumes that certain addresses are invalid. This authentication error will allow you to skip this step. When logging into a Microsoft account, just use a fake email address. To respect the format, it must contain the @ sign, as well as an extension. Use for example [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] Do the same with the password: just enter a number or a random sequence of letters.

Faced with this erroneous data, Windows will display a warning. However, the system will not force you to fill in the form again, and you can simply click on the “Next” button. This flaw allows you to continue the installation using a local account. These two tips currently allow you to bypass the rule, and configure Windows 11 without a Microsoft account.

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