How to Reset Microsoft Paint’s Default Settings, Position, and Size

If you’ve made changes to the default white page in Microsoft Paint and want to reset it to default, this article helps you do that. You can reset Microsoft Paint resolution or size in Windows 11/10 using this tutorial. Although it does not change it by default every time you open the application, it can restore the original resolution.

If you use Microsoft Paint to make small changes to an image, you may have encountered this problem before. Microsoft Paint opens a white background page with a resolution of 1152×648 pixels, and it is possible to resize the resolution as needed. But, if you change the size, close the Microsoft Paint application and reopen it, it will show you the last resolution you used. If you want to recover the original default resolution in Microsoft Paint, this article will show you how.

Please note that we will use Registry Editor to reset the resolution. Therefore, it is recommended to backup registry files or create a system restore point to be safe.



Reset Microsoft Paint position and size to default

To reset Microsoft Paint settings to default in Windows 11/10, follow these steps-

  1. Close Microsoft Paint on your PC.
  2. Press Win + R to open the Run prompt.
  3. Cone regedit and press the Enter button.
  4. Click the YES button in the UAC window.
  5. Navigate to the AppletsPaintDisplay path in Registry Editor.
  6. Remove the BMPHeight, BMPWidth, and WindowPlacement values.
  7. Open Microsoft Paint to get the default resolution.

Let’s see these steps in detail.

If Microsoft Paint is running on your computer, you must first close the application. After that, open the Run prompt by implementing on Win + R set of buttons. Then indicated regedit and press the Enter button. Next, you need to click on the YES button in the UAC window. It opens Registry Editor on your computer. You can also use the taskbar search box to find and open the Registry Editor.

Now succeed in this path-


In the See key, you can find three values ​​called BMPHeight, BMP widthand window location. You must remove them all.

To do this, right-click on each of them, selected Wipe off in the context menu and confirm the deletion by clicking on the Yes button in the pop-up window.

After deleting these three values ​​from Registry Editor, you can open Microsoft Paint on your PC. You can find the default white page resolution in Microsoft Paint.

Then you can open Microsoft Paint > File > Properties.

ms paint reset to default

Click the Default button, followed by OK.

These are the only MS Paint settings that you can turn off by default.

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How to Disable Microsoft Paint Resolution or Size in Windows 10

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