I’m going on vacation, do I need to take out travel insurance?

Home insurance coverage

Compulsory home insurance certainly includes an assistance component that can help you when you are away from home. As a general rule, there is assistance, reimbursable or not, to cover emergency expenses if your wallet has been stolen, for example, but also cover for medical expenses abroad, or even a possibility repatriation to your home (plane, train and taxi).

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Auto insurance coverage

The driver and his passengers will be entitled to material, logistical (repair) and sometimes social (psychological support) assistance in the event of an accident, breakdown, theft or automobile accident, in France and in many foreign countries. This assistance is sometimes valid at the bottom of your home or only at a minimum distance from your home. This varies from simple towing to the nearest garage to providing a replacement vehicle for several weeks.


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Bank card protections

Linked to payment by card, the guarantees that vary with the range of the card cover the holder and his family (spouse, partner and children). As with home insurance, medical repatriation and reimbursement of medical expenses abroad are provided for, up to a ceiling of several thousand euros. From the premium range – Visa premier and Gold MasterCard -, there is an unknown but very useful insurance, which covers damage to a rental vehicle, if the card was used to pay for it. There is therefore no need to take out damage or collision insurance if you rent a car.

Why then think about travel insurance?

As you have seen, you certainly benefit from several guarantees which sometimes overlap. In addition, with the European health insurance card (EHIC), easily obtained on the ameli.fr website, coverage is provided for in the medical system of all the States of the European Union and the European Economic Area. . But for some destinations, to prevent a big glitch and medical care from turning into a real financial hassle, travel insurance is useful.

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If you go to visit the Grand Canyon, in the United States or in Canada, in Japan, or even in Switzerland, a stay in the hospital amounts to tens of thousands of euros and the travel insurance will take over if the ceilings home insurance and the blue card were outdated. Travel insurance also allows you to be taken care of in establishments with good sanitary conditions in Africa or Asia.

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