Latest Microsoft Edge Dev Integrates Better With Windows Volume Mixer


Microsoft Edge engineers continue to refine its user experience and build cohesion with other platforms.

The Edge Team posted details of their latest Dev Channel Build 105.0.1329.1 on the Insider Deterrence blog with the following notes:

  • Added a button in the PDF toolbar to share documents.
  • Added mute indicator on tabs when browser is muted in volume mixer

Improved reliability:


  • Updated maximum URL length in side pane for visual search
  • We added an “always apply” list to the enhanced security mode
  • Improved iOS feedback prompt to notify when login blocks ability to submit feedback

It now appears that the Edge browser will support and recognize volume mixer changes on Windows devices and represent those changes (if disabled) in the browser tab, which should help users who want more ways to control the volume on their devices.

There were other small improvements that were made with the Dev channel update that include fixing a crash that occurs when getting the page count in print preview, crashes when adding Favorites folders on iOS, and a few more.

Edge’s team also highlighted its disk caching efforts with improving how the browser “compresses disk caches for improved performance and a smaller disk footprint.”

The end result should be an Edge browser with a lighter footprint and less resource-intensive experience that has the potential to bog down an operating system.

The Dev Channel update for Edge went live yesterday and should appear for users in the following days.

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