Logitech is working on a portable cloud gaming console with Microsoft and Nvidia

The world of portable consoles is booming. With the success of the Nintendo Switch, and more recently the Steam Deck, but also the advent of cloud gaming, everyone wants their piece of the pie.

Logitech has just announced a new partnership with Tencent in order to develop its own portable console focused on cloud gaming. In addition to this, the video game publisher clarified that it was working with Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now on this product.

A portable console for cloud gaming at Logitech

In a blog post published on Tuesday August 2, 2022, Logitech announced a major partnership with Tencent Games. Indeed, the editor specified that this alliance “will lead to a portable cloud gaming console on the market later this year that will combine the hardware expertise of Logitech G with the expertise in software services of Tencent”.

To offer a product that affects the most people, Logitech has announced that it is working with two big players in cloud gaming: Microsoft and Nvidia. As a result, the portable console could offer the video games available via Xbox Game Pass and its Xbox Cloud Gaming service, but also Nvidia GeForce Now. The arrival of Google Stadia does not seem to be relevant for the moment.

Incidentally, Logitech has kindly come to redefine the concept of cloud gaming, specifying that this technology “ uses servers to deliver games to consumers “. Thereby, ” There is no need to download or install any PC or console games. Instead, games are rendered and played on remote servers and users interact with them locally on their device. “.

No details have been revealed about this Logitech portable console, either in terms of the operating system or the technical characteristics. More information should arrive before the launch of the product, announced for the end of 2022 by the company.

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