Lynk & Co integrates Microsoft Teams in its cars!

To say that work has changed a lot in recent years is an understatement. More than ever, we are working from home and meetings are increasingly taking place online, for example via Zoom or Teams. The Chinese company Lynk & Co, which offers its cars via a rental formula, now offers Microsoft Teams in its 01.

Uonly in sound

Direct integration into Lynk & Co’s infotainment system makes it easy to use the app, but video conferencing is obviously not possible. The Lynk & Co Teams app offers audio only, allowing you to have a safe meeting while driving, just like on a conference call. You will therefore have to do without presentation slides… Alain Visser, a compatriot at the head of Lynk & Co, is delighted with the integration of Teams, and sees in it the proof that the brand is not only a supplier of cars rather, it provides technologically advanced mobility solutions that make life easier.

Earlier this year, a study by Vias, the road safety institute, showed that 9% of the 6,000 Belgians questioned had had a meeting at the wheel. According to Vias, this creates a security risk, especially during video conferences. In this respect, the integration of an audio-only version could encourage drivers not to use their smartphone.

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