MacBook – buy refurbished macbook: apple store or amazon warehouse?

Hi all,
I am in the process of buying myself a macbook. I found two identical configurations and I hesitate between buying it on amazon warehouse or on the apple refurb, because it is still cheaper on amazon warehouse. But after a lot of research, I can’t find any clear information about the second year warranty.
From what I understand on the apple refurb, no worries about the two-year warranty. On amazon warehouse, I only found a mention for a one-year warranty, and the hardware is called “used”.

So I allow myself to post a subject here to ask if anyone has already had experience on this subject :)
the difference being 150 euros between the two blinds, I would tend to favor the less expensive one if the two-year guarantee is identical. on the other hand if there is not the two years of guarantee, that cools me a little.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this issue. :)

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