Maisons Pierre makes Microsoft Dynamics the foundation of its IS

Gradually, the builder of individual houses, Maisons Pierre, switched to the Microsoft ecosystem, particularly in terms of CRM with Microsoft Dynamics.

Maisons Pierre is a builder of individual houses created in 1984. We follow the client from the visit to our agencies to the handing over of the keys, including the purchase of the land, even if Maisons Pierre does not resell the land directly. sums up Gilles Fouquet, his Group DSI.
The company intends to expand throughout France with the creation of franchises mainly ‒ it is present in twenty-five departments, mainly in the northern half of France, with fifty agencies. It is even number 1 in its sector in Île-de-France.

Maisons Pierre has been using Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM since May 2019, with the help of the integrator Calliope for the implementation. All professions are concerned, i.e. approximately 680 licenses. Calliope intervenes above all to develop functionalities specific to the construction trades on the technical, human, financial and material levels, as well as on the legal context of real estate.

The choice of Microsoft Dynamics was made through a call for tenders in 2017-2018. ” This is not the main reason, but Maisons Pierre chose to work in Microsoft’s cloud ecosystem. The integration of its CRM is all the more simple “, explains Gilles Fouquet.
Faced with its competitor Salesforce, the Microsoft application was therefore deemed easier to adapt, with a much simpler user experience, and comparable costs. ” In particular, users who used our historic site monitoring application had no trouble getting started with Microsoft Dynamics », justifies Gilles Fouquet.

A single tool for all trades

DSI of the Maisons Pierre group
A tracking only solution site would have been simpler. But we’re in for a goal long term with Microsoft »

The advantage of choosing Microsoft Dynamics is to have a single tool for all the manufacturer’s trades. Including for decision-making, cost accounting and helping management monitor service performance.

But Dynamics does not manage everything: Maisons Pierre also uses specialized software, such as AltOffice, relatively old but known among real estate construction financing simulation and consulting tools. It helps the sales staff to propose the “right” solution to the client, according to his financial resources, in order to rough out the future requirements of the bank. For now, this tool is independent of Dynamics.

In the end, in the very short term, a simple renewal of our site monitoring solution would probably have sufficed. But we have a long-term objective and a global overhaul of Maisons Pierre’s IS: we might as well give ourselves the means to work comfortably in the future with a single tool », Estimates Gilles Fouquet.

This project is taking place in three stages. The customer follow-up and management part ended in 2021 (generation of leads, commercial follow-up, launch of the site). The second component focused on site monitoring ‒ replacing the tool in place until then. It should be able to be deployed in 2023. Finally, the third chapter concerns the accounting and financial migration which will be integrated into Microsoft’s CRM thereafter.

Today, apart from archiving, all of Maisons Pierre’s IS already runs on the Microsoft cloud. The war in Ukraine, however, alerted the DSI, which had to ensure that all IT was at least hosted in Western Europe and ideally in France.


ACTIVITÉ : Constructeur de maisons individuelles
EFFECTIF : 600 collaborateurs – y compris externes en exclusivité
      CA : 150 M€

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