“Making Altima Profitable Quickly”

Françoise Peronnet is Managing Director of Altima Assurances

INTERVIEW – As part of our recent report on the premises of Altima Assurances (to read HERE), Françoise Peronnet, its general manager, returns to News Pro Insurance on the activity of the Maif subsidiary and its ambitions for the coming months.

Altima’s ambition is to reach 60 million euros in sales by 2024. Where are you today?

Altima should end the 2022 financial year with a turnover of nearly 35M euros. After the passage of the Covid, we fell behind on certain projects and we therefore reviewed our business plan. We have aligned ourselves with Maif’s ambitions for 2027 with a strong desire to accelerate on BtoBtoC.

What does the automotive fleet segment represent today within Altima? Does the Maif group’s merger with Smacl allow you to benefit from the latter’s expertise in this area?

We have a BtoC activity composed mainly of auto contracts with manufacturers and old MRH contracts for around 5M euros in turnover.

For its part, our BtoBtoC activity relies on several partnerships. First with Galian or Citya Immobilier for whom we offer simplified HRM, then with Emil Frey with whom we offer a franchise buyout offer.
We also work with Lovys in dog / cat insurance as well as on a tourism insurance offer with UNAT and Assurinco.

In the vehicle fleet business, we have seen good progress. We have moved to this segment from 11M turnover in 2021 to 17M at the start of 2022.
Since the merger of Maif with Smacl Assurances, Altima deals exclusively with association fleets through brokerage and will continue to work with specialized brokers, as well as with car-sharing fleets, in particular motorhomes (Yescapa) or “unique” cars (Roadster). For its part, Smacl will recover all the local authority fleets (around 6 million euros in turnover) at the start of 2023 and will continue to work with brokers.

Our two teams are now working together on this segment and sharing their best practices, whether in terms of pricing or claims.
Finally, we are also integrating an innovation activity on behalf of MAIF.

Where is your product range today? Do you still want to improve it?

We are completely complete on our fleet offer. In BtoC, we can still improve our Auto, MRH and GAV guarantees. We also have our unique insurance product: all-in-one insurance.
We are currently working on the launch of a tourism offer for this summer and in 2021 we launched a fully digital “Pay when you drive” insurance. This per-kilometre insurance is distributed only on the Maif.fr website and was offered to short-time members and then to prospects.

On the sports side, we have launched a GAV dedicated to athletes. While the dog/cat offer is a market that still needs to be developed, our Inshare collaborative offer, dedicated to the community of Nissan Leaf drivers (with the possibility of redistributing part of the bonus) recorded less satisfactory results. We were thinking about this product and what could be next.
Looking ahead to the next financial year, we don’t refrain from developing new offers if a partner asks us to.

What is your annual IT investment today? Where is the movement of “APIsation” initiated several years ago on all of your offers?

Our IT investment is substantial because we have a lot of innovations and a fleet IS.
It is a recent IS on which we have developed the APIsation of our services since its creation (pricing, generation of quotes, subscription or even claims management) and we are “API centric”.

Is Altima still intended to remain a laboratory for the Maif group? Can he “fly with his own wings”. Can own acquisitions be considered?

Altima is now a tool at the service of Maif, but not only as a laboratory. We help in the development of BtoBtoC and explore different avenues of development for our parent company. We also innovate through our relationships with our brokers and business partners.

Our goal is to make Altima a profitable company quickly with the desire to interact even more with the other entities of the group.

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