Memory, a film to see on Amazon Prime Video from July 29, 2022

What to discover on Amazon Prime Video this week? This week, the platform takes you back to the action register with a film that features one of the best actors in this register: Liam Neeson. This is a remake of the thriller “Alzheimer Case”; a Belgian action thriller released in 2003.

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Memory (2022)

After refusing to go through with an Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson) mission, a renowned professional hitman draws the wrath of the FBI and Mexican organized crime. Indeed, faced with a moral dilemma, Lewis declines the assassination of a young girl, but later finds that another killer has taken charge of the mission. On the run, Lewis has to deal with memory loss, which further complicates matters and inadvertently causes him to question everything.

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At 70, Liam Neeson has become one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors. The Briton does all kinds of films, from political thrillers to revenge films. With Memory, he adds to his plethora of exciting titles a new action film with a script that is certainly predictable, but dynamic and breathless.


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