The company E.ON. announced that its collaboration with the famous American giant Microsoft will be extended.

Posted on 03-08-2022 by Archipelago Antoine

The European company E.ON (energy sector) has announced that it will extend its partnership with GAFA Microsoft. The objective of the two companies? Propose new sustainable solutions for the future. Together, E.ON and the competitor of Google or Apple will work on new projects based on, among other things, artificial intelligence. The partners will also develop solutions related to data analysis.

Mutual experience and expertise

As indicated in the press release published in particular on the E.ON website, their goal is clear: they will work in close collaboration and draw on each other’s experience and expertise. Microsoft and E.ON already work together in the cloud or in the security sector and energy solutions for the home. Sebastian Weber, Chief Technology Officer at the European company indicated that the digitalisation of the energy sector is essential in order to decarbonise the European energy landscape. By extending their collaboration, the two groups are taking an additional step in the energy transition. Together we will develop innovative solutions […]. Within Microsoft, it is believed that this expanded collaboration will directly benefit customers. Our two companies are working together on the development of algorithms to analyze the energy market in real time […] said Maria Gomez, Sales, Travel and Energy Director.

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