Microsoft Announces Two New Defender for Business Products


Microsoft has announced two new products in the Microsoft Defender lineup. Built for enterprises and powered by their acquisition of cybersecurity firm RiskIQ, Microsoft hopes the new Defender Threat Intelligence and Defender External Attack Surface Management can aim to help enterprises reduce their risk of being impacted by cyberattacks. .

We’ll start by going into the details of Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence. This new product is to offer real-time data from Microsoft security signals. It relies on real-time detections from Microsoft Sentinel. and allows organizations to hunt threats more broadly and helps them discover more adversaries. According to Microsoft:

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence maps the internet every day, providing security teams with the information needed to understand adversaries and their attack techniques. Customers can access a library of raw threat intelligence detailing adversaries by name, correlating their Tools, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs), and can see active updates in the portal as new information is distilled from security signals and Microsoft experts. Defender Threat Intelligence uncovers the behavior of attackers and threat families and helps security teams find, remove, and block adversary tools hidden within their organization.

Now for Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management. This second product in the Microsoft Defender offering aims to help businesses see their operations as an attacker can. Specifically, security teams can use this product to view and discover unmanaged resources that are visible from the internet, which an attacker can typically see. In the words of Microsoft:


Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management scans the Internet and its connections daily. This creates a complete catalog of a customer’s environment, discovering internet-accessible resources, even agentless and unmanaged resources. Continuous monitoring, without the need for agents or credentials, prioritizes new vulnerabilities.

Microsoft says these new offerings come at a time when ransomware losses are hitting businesses hard. The company cites an FBI report which found that these types of losses totaled more than $50 million, with total cyber crimes costing $6.9 billion. Defender Threat Intelligence and Defender External Attack Surface Management should help reduce these threats.

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