Microsoft confirms that it will continue to buy studios for Xbox Game Studios

If you thought Microsoft had stopped buying Activision Blizzard, you were wrong. In our time, software giants have realized how productive it is to buy development studios, and not just in the gaming world, but in all technology-related industries in general.

Talent is in high demand, and it is often less expensive to buy teams that are already established and functional, with their various certifications and specialties, than to produce new talent.

Xbox Game Studios will continue to expand with new software houses.

We learn today that Microsoft itself has confirmed in its latest financial report that it will continue to invest in the purchase of new studios and intellectual properties that will strengthen the quality and added value of Xbox Game Pass. So it makes sense that they want to fatten Xbox Game Studios up even more.

Their service is the most important part of the business right now, more so than hardware sales. So it made sense that they wouldn’t stop after buying off the creators of Warcraft and Call of Duty. This is the exact text in which it is mentioned:

We will continue to invest in acquiring new software vendors and new content to expand our intellectual property portfolio and leverage the talents of new content creators. Unique gaming experiences are the cornerstone of Xbox Game Pass.

So maybe we’ll have some news later in the year or at the next event organized by the Americans. In the meantime, we remain attentive to the evolution of the takeover by Activision.

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