Microsoft data centers served at least due to lack of supply

To date, more than twenty Microsoft centers are operating with “limited server capacity”. The global supply shortage situation is the cause.

Microsoft in a problematic supply situation?

A company report shared on The Information explains the problematic situation. This document would have actually been written by two managers with the box and an engineer attached to a loyal customer. Some data centers would then be in the yellow area. Then, another source from the company claims that almost twelve data centers will remain in this area until the beginning of 2023. Note that some of them are located in Washington, Europe and Asia.

The health crisis raging around the world has not spared the supply of Microsoft data centers. Despite this, the company is still trying to support the hardware needs of their data centers. These needs had increased significantly in terms of the cloud since this period.

Satya NadellaCEO of Microsoft summarized the situation in April 2020: “The health crisis had affected several aspects of users’ lives. In just two months, the digital world has undergone transformations that would have taken two years in normal times. ». Note that during the confinement period, the use of the Microsoft Azure cloud had increased by 775%.

Demands have increased and improvements in systems and infrastructure are needed. We always hope to provide adequate solutions to customer needs. These requests will affect the way we work and produce for the next few years. Fortunately, our portfolio is now varied. The availability of cloud-based and Edge technologies allows us to better anticipate the future. »

Stopping Microsoft services, a radical solution

To address the demand, some Azure services have experienced some downtime. And since then, the company has suffered froma general lack of supply. The scarcity of semiconductors greatly affects data centers. Obviously, the microchip deficiency not suitable for data centers. Therefore, most servers around the world suffer from it.

As a concrete example, Square Enix, a player in the creation of video games, had to postpone the launch of one of its data centers for lack of servers. This impacted the release and access to Final Fantasy XIV for many subscribers.

Microsoft plans to meet increased cloud demands

A source from Microsoft also adds that today, we notice an exponential evolution of the cloud worldwide. The company Microsoft follows this evolution. The latter would try, among other things and by all means, to respond by strengthening the capacity of their servers in their data centers.

The satisfaction of their customers is still a priority for the company. Their activities and professions must be protected at all costs. If necessary, the company will interrupt its trials and adjust its workloads so that users can benefit from the quality of services.

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