Microsoft Edge already has a nearly 11% share

It looks like Microsoft Edge’s change in philosophy is paying off. The Redmond giant’s browser continues to gradually increase its market share and is already around 11%. Yes, they had to say goodbye to their engine and create a Chromium-based browser. Now, a considerable time after the shift, we see how Edge is the second most used browser in the world.

Microsoft Edge is the second most used browser with a share of 10.84%

On this occasion, data from StatCounter reveals that Microsoft Edge is the second most used browser on the market, overtaking Safari and Firefox as its main competitors. The latter gather a little more than 8% market share and are relatively far from Edge.

Although the absolute leader is still Chrome, the Mountain View giant’s browser remains in the lead with a 66.19% share and its influence over other browsers has not diminished. The latest comer managed to topple the rest of the browsers and hasn’t seen its share drop beyond 64% since hitting those records in 2017. It seems like it hasn’t managed to either cross the barrier of 70% sharing and perhaps over time the competition manages to reduce the market for Google browsers.

Edge for his part has managed to emerge from the indifference of the past. Until 2020, the Microsoft browser was unable to overtake Internet Explorer’s market share despite having a more up-to-date browser since 2015. A fact that shows us that Edge was irrelevant until the engine change of the Navigator.

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