Microsoft Edge is finally on the rise after the retirement of Internet Explorer

According to new figures, nearly 1 in 10 Internet users now use Microsoft Edge after Internet Explorer retirement. The latest data from Statcounter shows that Edge reached 10.62% of global market share in June 2022overtaking Apple’s Safari to take second place among desktop browsers.

However, he still has some way to go to reach the top spot, Google Chrome is still in the lead with 66.93% market share. In other words, Google Chrome remains the king of browsers. This means that Chrome works on more than 6 out of 10 computers, which is impressive to say the least, especially considering that Windows is the primary operating system.

In the month to June, Edge was up 0.52% — a surprisingly large jump that could be due to Internet Explorer’s pullback.

Subsequent figures for July showed a slight increase for Edge — up 10.86% — while Chrome was down 0.79%. Safari remained fairly stable, accounting for just under 9% of all internet users.

Edge had a somewhat stronger 12 months, especially in the UK, where it rose from 13.73% to 19.01% over the year.

Not yet for mobile

Despite its growing popularity, Edge is not mentioned among mobile and tablet browsers, where Chrome accounts for 65.16% and 48.32% respectively, and Safari remains comfortably in second place for both.

Microsoft introduced a slew of updates to Edge as it ditched Internet Explorer, including a revamped command bar to make it easier to open new tabs and web apps. The tech giant has also reworked the way its browser handles caches with the obvious aim of speeding up actions by reducing CPU usage — which should be more noticeable on lower-powered machines. Internet Explorer was officially discontinued earlier this year after 27 years as the company seeks to create a more vibrant and reliable software selection.

It goes without saying that Edge will most likely gradually improve its market share in the months and years to come, but it’s hard to believe that it will ever manage to challenge Google Chrome’s dominance.

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