Microsoft Edge’s Projector-Like Launcher Is Official


In June, it was discovered that Microsoft was testing a spotlight-like launcher for quick commands in the Edge browser. It’s been a while, but Microsoft has now come out and officially announced the feature as “DevTools Command Palette” (via Neowin.)

This feature is available in Microsoft Edge Canary version 105. Microsoft says it should make it easier to access browser management and developer tools in Edge. Once enabled, all you have to do to access it is click Ctrl + Shift + Space. This shortcut will then give you access to tabs, bookmarks, and collection management options. You can even use it to invoke development tools like simulating a mobile device.


Note that this feature is only an experiment for now. You will need to activate it before use. To enable it, follow these steps below.

  • Navigate to edge://flags.
  • In the Search flags text field, type DevTools Toaster or Command Palette.
  • From the DevTools Toaster or Command Palette drop-down menu, select Enabled:
  • Click on the Restart button that appears at the bottom right.
  • In Microsoft Edge, press Ctrl+Shift+Space. The command palette opens.

Once enabled, you can type “tabs” to manage tabs and type “bookmark” to manage bookmarks. You can also click the down arrow or up arrows to select a command, then click Enter. Developer options can be accessed by clicking the “>” at the bottom of the tool. Other ways to use the tool can be seen on Microsoft’s website.

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