Microsoft further improves Android emulation of Windows 11…

The Android emulation remains for the moment in preview version reserved for the USA. But Microsoft continues to steadily improve its WSA emulation layer as evidenced by the latest update.

Derived from the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) layer that allows Windows to run Linux applications and simplify the work of developers, the WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android) layer allows Windows to directly run Android applications in a windows window.

Android emulation in Windows 11 depends on two things. The WSA layer which ensures the execution of programs, and the Amazon AppStore application responsible for distributing and deploying Android applications certified compatible with WSA. For now, this combination is only available in the USA (a limitation probably related to the rights attached to the AppStore and hosted apps).

But Microsoft has promised an internationalization of this emulation by the end of the year to 5 new countries including France.

In the meantime, the publisher continues to refine its Android emulation in order to soon remove the “Preview” label. The latest Build thus offers many improvements: Network support on ARM machines, support for IPv6 and VPN connectivity, the IP address displayed on Android Apps is that of the Windows machine, improved scrolling, integration of the latest Android patches, AV1 codec support, improvements in battery consumption management, improved video playback, etc.
In other words, all these improvements make the emulation a little more transparent for the user, but a little safer and more efficient.

In short, we are only waiting for the availability in France…

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