Microsoft has improved Xbox startup time

Microsoft is speeding up the boot time of its Xbox consoles. In the latest test builds Xbox Insider from the dashboard Xbox, cold boot time was reduced by approximately 5 seconds for Xbox Series X/S consoles. Microsoft was able to speed up the boot sequence by creating a shorter boot animation.

The xbox testers noticed a faster start recently, and Microsoft confirmed the changes on Friday. Josh Munsee, Marketing Director integrated Xbox, explains that the company has created “a shorter boot animation (~4s) compared to the original boot animation (~9s), which helps reduce overall boot time. »

Changes aren’t limited to consoles Xbox Series X / S, either. ” Xbox One generation consoles boot noticeably faster with these changes“, explains Jake Rosenberg, senior product manager lead at Xbox.

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Xbox owners will only benefit from these faster boot times if their console is set to Low Power Mode instead of Sleep Mode. The mode energy saver means that the console shuts down completely, instead of entering a sleep state. This means that you cannot turn on the console and start playing immediately, but the mode Saver energy is better for electricity bills and the planet.

The changes made by Microsoft will speed up the start-up energy saver modeshifting the boot process from Xbox Series X /S from about 20 seconds to about 15 seconds (including the time between pressing the power button and the appearance of the animation). This makes Power Saver mode even more appealing, especially after Microsoft made it the default option for new consoles Xbox earlier this year, while adding support for the downloading updates in the background.

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