Microsoft improves support for Android games on Windows 11

Little by little, Microsoft is fine-tuning the compatibility of Android apps and games under Windows 11, a compatibility available in the USA in beta and expected in France before the end of the year.

Microsoft recently changed its stance on Windows Updates. The publisher wants to return to its old cycle of a major release every three years. Windows 12 is thus expected in 2024. In the meantime, Windows will of course be entitled to its monthly security and reliability patches but will benefit from a “moment” every three months. In Microsoft jargon, this “Windows quarterly moment” will mark the arrival of a major feature capable of capturing the attention of all users.

The release of Windows 11 “22H2” will be one of those times. But another “Windows moment” is eagerly awaited by European users: official support for Android apps and games under Windows 11.

Apps… and games…

For now, Windows 11’s Android compatibility – provided by an internal emulation layer called “WSA” (Windows Subsystem for Android) and the Amazon AppStore – is only available in the USA and in a “Preview” version. . For several months, Microsoft has multiplied WSA updates within “Windows Insiders” builds. An activity that suggests that the publisher intends to soon exit its “Preview” phase and extend access to Android support to other countries including France.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft made available to Windows Insiders a new build of Windows 11 including a major update to the WSA Android emulation layer improving network support on Android, support for ARM processors and battery consumption.

This week, a new build shows that Microsoft is not only focused on supporting Android apps but also on Android games. Thus, the publisher has indeed integrated into WSA the support of joysticks, gamepads, as well as the use of the keyboard instead of touch functions.
The other improvements in this “Insiders” build focus on graphics performance and scrolling speeds, two critical elements for fluid games.

Google doesn’t want to stay on the sidelines…

Remember that Microsoft is not the only one interested in supporting Android games under Windows 11. Google is also working on its own solution.

Called “Google Play Games for PC”, this Windows application allows you to play Android games on Windows while taking advantage of Google’s “Play Points” mechanism.

This technology is currently in Beta version limited to certain Asian countries and 35 games. Google has still not specified an official launch date and is content to specify that this launch will be gradual with an extension to the USA and Europe towards the end of 2022 and beyond.

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