Microsoft is far from done with Windows 11

Via a new version intended for testers, Microsoft tries changes and brings improvements to Windows 11

In recent days, there has been talk of a hypothetical arrival, from 2024, of a no less hypothetical Windows 12. With this new OS, Microsoft would also like to review its rhythm of updates to its operating systems.

But that does not mean that the work around Windows 11 is already finished, quite the contrary. At the end of the year with the tabs of the file explorer, or perhaps later via another update, many new things are to be expected.

A rich Insider Preview Build 25158 for Windows 11

Testers can now grab Preview Build 25158 to try out the new features before they are released to the general public. Available in ISO format, this new version multiplies in particular the welcome additions and the tests which prove that Microsoft hears the criticisms around its operating system.

A breaking news in the widgets panel.

First, widgets get notification badges in the taskbar. What make them more useful and dynamic. Additionally, a headband breaking news now displays at the top of the widget panel.

Still on the interface side, the unloved taskbar should soon get a makeover. Microsoft has in any case started to test several displays of the search within it. Users will see the search button appear randomly as shown below: as an icon, a normal search box or a large search box. We imagine that once the update is deployed definitively, it will be possible to choose between these different displays. This way of trying out ideas with users in order to validate them or not is a new method currently being tested at Microsoft.

Different search views.

Changes under the hood too

Visible, these changes are not the only ones in Build 25158. Still in test, DNS over TLS (DoT) is arriving. The feature allows, as its name suggests, to encapsulate encrypted DNS traffic in a TLS tunnel.

Finally, with this version Microsoft has deployed many fixes and small changes to refine its OS. The complete list can be found in the dedicated post.

For testers in the Dev Channel, a new version of the Camera app has also been pushed alongside, and the Media Player regains the ability to play and import audio CDs (in AAC, WMA, FLAC and ALAC formats) .

Want to become a Windows Insider? Everything is explained here.

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