Microsoft is pushing Windows 11 onto the wrong computers

This is an incident that affected some Internet users who are members of the Windows Insider program: Microsoft offered Windows 11 while their PC is incompatible.

Be careful if Windows Update suddenly claims that your computer is eligible to update to Windows 11. This may be an error. This is what Internet users who are members of the Windows Insider program observed at the beginning of June with the future 22H2 update, which was submitted to them when their computer was incompatible.

The incident, which was traced to Twitter and Reddit, but also in specialized media like Neowin, occurred only for members of Windows Insider, putting the bulk of Internet users under cover. The issue has been taken care of by Microsoft, according to posts by the official Windows Insider Program account on Twitter.

An error on the part of Microsoft

People who received this Windows 11 update notification initially believed that Microsoft had quietly lowered its technical requirements to catch the new version of its operating system. Except that it is not so: the criteria remain the same, confirmed the Redmond firm on June 8.

Microsoft details in its pages the various elements that are taken into account to assess the compatibility of a computer: processor, RAM, storage space, graphics card, display, Internet connection, secure platform module, system firmware. In the more specific case of processors, only the most recent are supported.

Windows 11 is reserved for computers that meet specific technical requirements. // Source: Microsoft

In general, Windows 11 is not intended for Intel’s so-called seventh generation processors, with very few exceptions. Microsoft provides the list of supported Intel processors for Windows 11 for reference. These seventh-generation chips are those running the Kaby Lake architecture, which was rolled out around 2017 and 2018.

If you are a member of the Windows Insider program, check that your PC is indeed compatible, regardless of the inaccurate notification which suggests the contrary (Microsoft indeed proposes to indicate directly in Windows 10 if the computer is ready to switch to the following OS). The company also provides a utility that tests your computer.

For those who find themselves in such a situation, with Windows 11 on a PC that shouldn’t have had it, there are fortunately procedures for uninstalling the OS if things don’t work — Microsoft has provided them in case the experience with the OS would not be satisfactory. The process is not complex, but it is advisable to carry it out within ten days.

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