Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Outlook app for Android

It’s no secret that the Outlook app for Android has become increasingly complex and cumbersome over time. What was initially an email and calendar manager has also included a search section for contacts, events, files… Outlook integration with Microsoft 365 is therefore complete.

On the other hand, the higher the number of functions, the more complex the application and the more performance degrades when increasing connections to the server. To solve these problems, Microsoft seems to be working on a new application called Outlook Lite which could replace or simply complement the current Android application.

Outlook Lite, a simpler and faster application for Android

Although Outlook Lite has been around for a while, the app was focused on Android Go in developing regions. In this way, the popular email manager could work on low performance devices using less data in parts of the world where the internet connection is not as fast as it should be.

However, from Dr. Windows, they point out that the app appeared on the Microsoft 365 roadmap. According to information from Microsoft, it is “an Android app that brings the benefits of Outlook in a size ‘smaller app with higher performance for low-end’. devices.

As a result, we could no longer use only personal Microsoft accounts in Outlook Lite, but we could also add work or school accounts. If the app supports multiple accounts, it could be a good replacement for the current Outlook app for Android.

According to the roadmap, the app should be generally available in July. Although, from Windows Central they state that roadmap dates are not final dates and may be subject to change.

What we still don’t know is if this app will share any components with One Outlook. Remember that Microsoft was working to simplify the development of Outlook by taking advantage of web applications, with the aim of offering the same application on all devices.

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