Microsoft News Recap: Project AirSim Gets Revamped, Surface Headphones 2+ To Get Teams Certification For Use Over Bluetooth, And More


The Microsoft News Digest is a weekly feature highlighting top Microsoft news from the past week. Sit down, have a coffee and happy reading!

Microsoft revamps its AirSim project to make it easier to train in autonomous aircraft simulation

Project AirSim is Microsoft’s new end-to-end solution that uses 3D virtual environments. Its goal is to help build, test and train aircraft through 3D simulation.


Surface Headphones 2+ gets Teams certification for use over Bluetooth

A new firmware update for the Surface Headphones 2+ should help it re-certify Teams for use over Bluetooth, all without the need for the included dongle.

Microsoft Teams gets Video Clips feature, Excel Live

A few new features are on their way to Microsoft Teams. Excel Live allows live collaboration with others on Excel workbooks, while Video Clips allows recording, sending and viewing short videos.

Inspire 2022: Microsoft Teams gets Video Clips, Excel Live - - July 19, 2022

It’s all for this week. We’ll be back next week with more news from Microsoft.

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