Microsoft Office in Windows Store for Windows 10 S

Microsoft brought its full version of Desk to Windows Store with apps like Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access made available to coincide with the launch of their new Surface laptops running on Windows 10S. Although Microsoft has already listed Office in the Windows Store, this is the first time that it has allowed users to download it and update all apps directly from the Windows Store.

Desktop in Windows Store

Although it is undoubtedly the easiest to use, simple and has the same interface and functionality on all devices, be it desktops, laptops and tablets as well than Windows Phones, Office for Windows 10 is undoubtedly the handiest application on the market in its category, however, it can still be a bit confusing for beginners.


Luckily, we’re on hand with some handy details on how to download it, how it works, and what to expect from this touchscreen incarnation of Microsoft’s Office suite.

The desktop will be on the Windows Store

Office will now be available on Windows Store, providing easy access to Office apps for those using Surface laptops running Windows 10S. Office in the Windows Store is only available for Surface laptops running Windows 10S. However, when the preview period for Office installs and updates ends, the suite will be available for download on all devices running Windows 10.

Preview version is free for Surface laptops

All Surface laptops shipped before the end of the Office preview period will be loaded with one year of Office 365 Personal.

Office in Windows Store is heavily loaded

Office on Windows Store will have nearly all of the most commonly used apps available to Surface Laptop users starting June 15, 2017. These will include:

  1. Word
  2. power point
  3. OneNote for Windows 10
  4. Excel
  5. Access (not available in preview for Office 365 Education plans)
  6. Outlook (not available in preview for Office 365 Education plans)
  7. Editor (not available in preview for Office 365 Education plans)

Limited but sufficient access to various editions of Office for Windows 10S

Until the end of the preview period, various editions of Office will offer access to Office in the Windows Store for Windows 10S. However, other editions will be available by the end of the preview period.

  1. Office 365 Education E5
  2. Office 365 Home
  3. Office 365 for Education Plus
  4. Office 365 meetings

Slightly different from your usual desktop

Office in Windows Store provides almost all the functionality of a regular Office suite. However, it has some differences in functionality. For example, it does not allow you to install the 64-bit version of Office, leaving users the option of installing a 32-bit version only. Office on Windows Store also does not allow you to use COM add-ins, while OneNote included is also the Windows 10 version instead of OneNote 2016.

The range of Office mobile apps available on the Windows Store

Although Office Mobile apps like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel are designed for devices with smaller screens like tablets and smartphones, these apps are compatible with Windows 10S devices and work quite well.

Office validity and subscriptions

Please check the details here to learn more about Microsoft Office in the Windows Store.

Is the Microsoft Office app free on the Microsoft Store?

The app is free to download, but you will need an Office 365 subscription, Office 2019, and Office 2016 installed on your PC if you want to use the Office app. The app is more of a dashboard displaying the files accessible from your account, and click to open it.

Should I reactivate Microsoft Office after the reset?

If you are using Office 365, you can sign in with the Microsoft account and it will activate automatically. If you are using Office 2019 and earlier, you will need to use the key to activate the Office product.

Microsoft Office

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