Microsoft Outlook is getting lighter than ever on Android

A few years ago now, Facebook was among the first to offer a version “lightened” of its mobile application. A so-called “Lite” version, intended primarily for low-performance smartphones and capable of operating with a very limited network. A Lite version with a more refined interface, with sometimes very limited functionalities, but which is sufficient for many users. Over the years, Facebook inspired other publishers, and many applications have their “Lite” version.

Microsoft launches a lightweight version of Outlook

In this month of August 2022, it is the giant Microsoft’s turn to offer a “Lite” version of a less popular application: Outlook. Microsoft’s app is used daily by millions of people around the world for their email and calendaring needs. However, Microsoft says it is fully aware that there is a wide range of devices that do not have all the capabilities required to get the best Outlook experience on their smartphone.

Also, the Redmond giant has released a light version of Outlook in some countries, to allow more individuals, schools, universities and small businesses to have a solution for their mobile devices. “Outlook Lite brings core Microsoft Outlook features in a small application with fast performance for lightweight devices on any networkMicrosoft promises.

Concretely, Outlook Lite requires a download reduced to only 5 MB, and promises to use very limited storage on the smartphone. The application allows the user to access his emails, his calendar or his contacts, with here a very refined interface. As a result, Outlook Lite is able to work perfectly on smartphones with only 1 GB of RAM. Microsoft also specifies that the application is very energy efficient, and that it is able to operate on 3G and even 2G networks.

At present, Outlook Lite is only available in certain South American countries, but also in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey. Microsoft is already announcing that other countries will soon be able to download this new version of Outlook.

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