Microsoft PowerToys 0.61.0 Now Available With Quality Of Life Changes For Key Features


Microsoft PowerToys version 0.61.0 is now available and comes with the usual bug fixes and improvements, including quality of life improvements for Always on Top, FancyZones and PowerToys Run. (by Neowin)

Here is the complete changelog for Microsoft Powertoys 0.61.0:


  • Upgraded Windows App SDK runtimes to 1.1.2.
  • New Windows 11 context menu entries are now correctly added to Windows 11 Dev Channel Insider builds. (This was a fix for 0.60)
  • Old context menu entries are displayed alongside new Windows 11 context menu entries to be compatible with software that overrides Windows 11 context menu behavior. (This was a fix for 0.60)
  • C# language version consolidated throughout the solution. Thank you @davidegiacometti!
  • Removed outdated Segoe icon glyph codes and replaced with the correct codes. Thanks @niels9001 and @Jay-o-Way!
  • Fixed an issue that caused a random accent key to be pressed on certain keyboard layouts when activating certain mods.

Always on top

  • Fixed border flickering when activating. Thank you @davidegiacometti!
  • Fixed a bug causing Always on Top to activate and freeze when exiting PowerToys. Thank you @davidegiacometti!
  • Fixed black edges appearing on rounded corners.
  • Fixed a bug that caused 100% CPU consumption.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented layouts from applying correctly when many monitors reported having the same serial number. (It was a fix for 0.60)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented layouts from applying correctly on some virtual monitor configurations (this was a fix for 0.60)
  • A default “Rows” layout is now applied to vertical monitors, instead of a “Columns” layout. Thanks @augustkarlstedt!

Image resizer

  • The screen reader now announces the size name instead of the class name.

File Explorer Add-ons

  • Fixed an issue when creating thumbnails for SVG files created with Inkscape.

keyboard manager

  • Adjusted label on editor when keys are orphaned.

Mouse Utility

  • Fixed a bug that caused Find My Mouse’s current spotlight to become stuck when activated in the upper left corner of the screen. (It was a fix for 0.60)


  • The PowerRename window reacts to the current dpi when it is created.

PowerToys Race

  • Fixed a typo in the WindowWalker plugin UI. Thanks @rohanrdy!
  • Improved performance by saving search history files only on exit. Thank you @davidegiacometti!
  • PowerToys Run no longer shows results from some plugins when searching for blanks in a global query. Thank you @davidegiacometti!
  • Added support for displaying localized names for some win32 programs in the programs plugin. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • The program plugin will now take into account the modified settings directly in ProgramPluginSettings.json. Thanks @bezgumption!


  • The PowerToys runtime settings page correctly grays out the score adjustment setting when a plugin is not global. Thanks @jefflord!
  • The PowerToys Run plugins score adjustment field only accepts numeric characters. Thanks @jefflord!
  • Will not run if started directly from its executable, as it did before the WinUI 3 upgrade.
  • Fixed a typo in a description on the PowerToys Run settings page. Thanks @eltociear!


  • Removed dead code to create an msix installer.
  • Updated .NET dependency to 6.0.7.
  • Will not create new PowerToys shortcut on update if manually deleted by user.

However, this particular version has two known issues. For example, once you update your application to this version, PowerRename and Image Resizer may not appear in the new Windows 11 context menu. Restarting your system after installing this update may help to solve this problem.


Some users also filed complaints that they were unable to open the Settings window. This challenge was attributed to the incompatibility of certain applications such as RTSS RivaTuner Statistics Server and MSI AfterBurner. If you encounter this issue, Microsoft recommends that you check the related issue and try the solutions listed as a workaround.

If you already have PowerToys running on your device, it should automatically notify you of this update. Alternatively, you can get this update today by launching your app, then clicking General followed by Check for Updates, then the Install Now button. This version of the app is also available on GitHub if you don’t already have it. Be sure to also check out last month’s post about PowerToys version 0.60.1.

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