Microsoft resumes macro blocking in Office

Microsoft has resumed rolling out the Office feature that blocks untrusted macros from the internet.

This new feature was suddenly blocked earlier this month, surprising many users who were counting on this additional protection.

But a week later, Microsoft indicated that this decision was only temporary, the time to bring updates to improve the user experience.

For users

The documentation on macro behavior in Office has now been updated, and the information for end users and IT administrators is well separated. They detail the options users have for different scenarios, such as macros in files from trusted sources like SharePoint or a network share.

For end users, the documentation explains how to unblock a single file in the properties of an Office application, how to unblock a single file received by email, and how to unblock all files from a specific network share or website .

Users can also unlock all files in a trusted folder on the user’s hard drive by adding a folder to the trusted location in the trust center, which is in the Office application under File > Options > Trust Center.

For administrators

The documentation for administrators provides a table of different common scenarios and various approaches to unblocking VBA macros.

“We are resuming the rollout of this change in the Current Channel. Based on our review of customer feedback, we’ve made updates to both our end-user and IT admin documentation to clarify the options you have for different scenarios. Microsoft.

“If you have already enabled or disabled the ‘Block macros from running in Office files from the Internet’ policy, your organization will not be affected by this change,” she adds.


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