Microsoft tweaks the stability of the OS … but omits some problems

Microsoft has started rolling out a new update for its Xbox system. The latter focuses on stability, but does not correct certain problems observed for months.

Xbox Series S controllers | X, for illustration // Source: Arnaud Gelineau — Frandroid

Improve stability? Yes. Fix bugs? We’ll see later. For now, this is Microsoft’s approach to its Xbox system. The firm announced this week the deployment of a new update for its home consoles. The latter upgrades the OS to version 10.0.22000.4976, but it once again proves to be imperfect.

As pointed out Neowin, if this update mainly has the effect of improving the stability and tweaking the performance of the system, it unfortunately does not correct the bugs brought by the previous updates. Worse, it seems to drive them back. Moderately annoying, they have nevertheless tainted the experience of players for a long time. We will still have to wait to get rid of it.

Persistent bugs on our Xboxes

Among the problems reported, issues with untimely disconnection or desynchronization of the Xbox controllers, the audio mixer of the Xbox Guide which is not always adjustable, the icons of games installed via a disc which do not always display correctly on the menu main, or problems with the HDMI-CEC standard (to control devices connected via HDMI). Neowin also reports display issues with game demos displayed in the “My games and Apps” directory, a bug causing image flickering when browsing the Store, or occasional definition issues when first console startup.

The Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X // Source: Arnaud Gelineau — Frandroid

In some cases, a complete restart of the console is enough to fix the bugs, but it is unfortunate that Microsoft has still not seen fit to permanently resolve these few concerns. Especially since some are starting to get old: the oldest date back to last January.

Anyway, the installation of the new update deployed by Microsoft is done through the usual channels. If you haven’t opted in to downloading updates automatically, press the Xbox button and go to Profile & system > Settings > System > Updates.

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