Microsoft will deploy Windows 11 more frankly on your PCs, if you agree

Microsoft considers that Windows 11 has reached a sufficient stage to be deployed more widely. Provided, of course, to satisfy the hardware configuration.

Microsoft is lifting the final hurdles for the general rollout of Windows 11. The American company’s documentation indicates that its new operating system now has an updated status allowing it to contact more computers for installation, after searching for an update on Windows Update.

The owners of the PCs then have full latitude to accept or not this transition to Windows 11.

Microsoft does not seem to want to do like the days of Windows 10, where it allowed itself to pre-download the OS in the background, thus occupying bandwidth and disk space without the consent of users. No more question of multiplying the incessant reminders and invitations to switch to Windows 11, which was considered unpleasant.

2022, the year of the more general deployment of Windows 11. // Source: Melvyn Dadure for Numerama

No more rolling out Windows 11 in small steps

Windows 11 has been available since October 5, 2021, but the availability of the OS has advanced in small steps. For Microsoft, it was an opportunity to refine its operating system as it went along with feedback, malfunctions and compatibility issues with drivers and hardware.

It was basically a wave deployment, the time that the ecosystem adapts to Windows 11. Today, the OS is almost seven months old, and there are fewer and fewer user profiles. fundamentally problematic computers (in the case of PCs whose configuration satisfies the technical prerequisites of the OS), which allows Microsoft to change its approach.

This smooth start is necessary to ensure a smooth launch for Windows 11, given the huge variety of PCs on the market. If Windows 11 is offered for download, you can get started. Do not force the installation if there are any errors or warnings. In any case, it is possible to go back.

It is not urgent to switch to Windows 11 if your current OS is rather recent. Windows 10 was certainly released in 2015, but it is now a very stable and proven OS. People who have regularly updated Windows 10 have some leeway: support is scheduled until October 14, 2025, which is still over three years of patches.

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Source: Melvyn Dadure for Numerama

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