Microsoft will overflow your apps from the taskbar

Windows 11 build 25163 rolling out to Insiders reintroduces a system to show all your apps in the taskbar even when the taskbar reaches its maximum capacity.

Over the course of Windows 11 updates, deployed to Insider members, Microsoft distills small new features to improve the ergonomics of its operating system. Latest effort, the reintroduction of an overflow system for the OS taskbar. This new feature, deployed in build 25163, published in the developer channel, allows you to view pinned and open applications that the taskbar is no longer able to display due to lack of free space.

This interface, grafted to the very right of the taskbar and represented by three small dots, contains an overflow menu in which are grouped the applications that cannot be visible in the taskbar. It will have the same behavior as the taskbar. It will therefore be possible to pin applications there, to access the application options from the right-click menu, etc. The taskbar overflow menu will disappear as soon as you click outside of it or access an application.

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Enhanced sharing functions

Microsoft also took advantage of this new build to improve its proximity sharing system. And more specifically how your PC can discover nearby devices to initiate sharing from the desktop, file explorer, or any other application that supports nearby sharing. The Redmond company indicates that it is now using the UDP protocol which, with Bluetooth, makes it possible to discover a greater number of devices, including PCs, to establish a sharing in the vicinity.

proximity sharing

In addition, Microsoft is introducing a new option in its sharing menu. It will thus be possible toupload a file directly on your OneDrive space to then share it with a loved one. The option will be accessible with sharing launched from the desktop, file explorer, Photos, and all applications using the Windows integrated sharing menu.

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