Microsoft will use hydrogen fuel cells for a large data center’s backup generator

Like all GAFAM members, Microsoft has huge server farms that allow it to run its services (in this case mainly the Azure cloud service). These giant data centers are not good for the planet: the air conditioning systems and the electrification (in countries without nukes) of these servers are the black spots most often singled out, rightly, by ecological organization.

The Redmond firm has been working for several years on ways to lower the carbon footprint of these server farms. 9 years ago, the company founded by Bill Gates was working on fuel cells powered by natural gas, and in 2020, the American giant brought to the surface (for analysis) 800 servers that had been submerged for two years off the coast of Scotland, with overall very convincing results. Just a few days ago, Microsoft announced that one of its largest data centers in the world will have a backup generator powered by a hydrogen fuel cell! Until now this generator runs on diesel, which is of course a real ecological nonsense.

The hydrogen fuel cell designed by Microsoft would be able to provide 3 megawatts of electrical power, which would be enough to power up to 10,000 servers in a data center! Microsoft specifies that the complete switch of its emergency generator to the hydrogen fuel cell will take place around 2030.

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