Microsoft Word Gets A New “Review Mode”


If you’ve ever worked on a collaborative project in Microsoft Word with users playing different roles, you’ve probably encountered some difficulties. For example, some of the parties involved could end up modifying the document and removing crucial elements from the project due to a lack of control.

But through a blog post, Microsoft announced the introduction of Review Mode in Microsoft Word in an effort to establish control and transparency. Review mode in Word will help attendees stick to their roles, i.e. if the document is shared with you for review, you will be limited to that only.

This means that you will not be able to edit the document, however, you can leave comments and suggestions that you think might be worth considering and should be incorporated into the document. Only document owners and other collaborators will be able to edit the document and approve suggestions made by reviewers.


If you want to share a Word document in review mode, you will need to click on the Share button and then click on the Share command in the menu. Finally, add the people you want to review the document, then select the Can Review option, which is also available under Other Settings in the Link Settings dialog box.

Microsoft Word gets a new

Review mode has limitations, for example, it only works on documents stored in OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. This means that the feature will not work on documents stored in a SharePoint library, as the file permission settings for the library take precedence, allowing users to edit the document even if it is shared to them in review mode.

Review mode is currently available for Word for the web users and for all Beta Channel, Current Channel (Preview), and Current Channel users in Word for Windows and Word for Mac. As for the ability to share a document for review via the Can Review option. It should be rolling out to Beta Channel, Current Channel (Preview), and Current Channel users in Word for Windows and Word for Mac soon. In other Word news, be sure to check out our feature where we talked about the new comment type feature that’s made its way to Microsoft Word on the web.

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