Molotov follows Amazon and also increases its Premium subscription

Inflation spares no one and even less the ruthless streaming market which, after an upturn in the course of 2020 due to containment measures, is adjusting the prices of its subscriptions.

This was the case last week with Amazon which, to everyone’s amazement, unilaterally increased the annual price of its Prime plan to €69.99/year, instead of €49.99 until now. and today from Molotov TV which, again, is increasing its premium formula “Molotov Plus”:

We hope you enjoy watching TV with Molotov. We are changing our rates to guarantee you access to your favorite channels and the best experience. Thus, from August 3, the Molotov Plus offer will increase to € 5.99”, said the platform on Twitter at the end of last week.

Until now, this offer was billed at €3.99/month!

Only the Plus formula seems to be impacted by this increase, which would not be applied to the Extended formula.

Will the latter be spared for long?

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