New movies and series to watch on Amazon Prime Video in August 2022

Amazon unveils the selection of new content that will appear on its Prime Video platform in August. We feel that the whole budget is gone in the series The Lord of the Rings.

Amazon Prime members may think ” Enjoy the month of September by seeing the selection of new content to appear on the SVOD platform. In August, there are not many new features, especially for fans of series.

Especially since in September, we will be able to discover the event series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. In the meantime, you can really go on vacation with peace of mind.

The Samaritan. // Source: Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video subscription is included in the Amazon Prime subscription (49 euros per year or 5.99 euros per month), which notably gives access to more advantageous delivery conditions (or a Switch Online subscription). Remember that there is now the Ligue 1 Pass, which allows you to watch football, and that a price increase is scheduled for September.

Series Coming to Amazon Prime Video in August

1st of August : Hotel Del Lunaseason 1

A series centered on a hotel that reveals its true image only to the spirits.

August 12: A League of Their Ownseason 1

With World War II declared, professional baseball players go to the front. In order to save the clubs and the sport, club owners join forces to create a women’s league. Originally, there is a film with Tom Hanks.

August 19: Making the Cutseason 3

Top Chef, but fashion version.

Movies Coming to Amazon Prime Video in August

1st of August : IndianaJonesthe saga

Something to occupy a few evenings while waiting for the release of the fifth film. Still with Harrison Ford.

1st of August : Rampage: Out of control

Dwayne Johnson must stop animals that are turning into ruthless monsters.

1st of August : Didier

Or when Alain Chabat plays the role… of a dog!

1st of August : Last Seen Alive

A man goes to the rescue of his future ex-wife, who mysteriously disappeared.

1st of August : Showgirls

One of the biggest failures in the history of cinema. A film yet signed by the renowned Paul Verhoeven. It has recently been rehabilitated.

5 August : Thirteen Lives

Colin Farrell, Joel Edgerton, Viggo Mortensen… Big cast for this film which focuses on the real rescue operation of the Tham Luang cave, in which a young Thai football team found itself trapped.

August 9: Rambothe saga

Do you like violence and action heroes? We don’t really need to introduce anymore Rambo.

August 22: A Day to Die

A disgraced probation officer is indebted to a local gang leader and is forced to pull off a series of dangerous heists in twelve hours in order to pay the two million dollars he owes. One of Bruce Willis’ last films.

August 26: The Samaritan

A young teenager is convinced that his neighbor is none other than a former superhero left for dead in a fight against his worst enemy.

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