On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: 2 films and a series to brighten up your weekend

As our aunt Louison would say, “there is no fatigue whatsoever!”, especially when it comes to getting into all the new stuff from our favorite streaming platforms. It is therefore breathless, but happy, that the drafting of CNET France has unearthed some wonders on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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This weekend, we take our professional assassin exams among the Deadly Classwe box in the footsteps of his father with Creedand we go in search of a lost city in The Lost City of Z.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this weekend?

A series that deserved to continue: Deadly Class (Netflix)


Towards the end of the 80s, Marcus Lopez, a young homeless orphan, is admitted to a school that trains the future great assassins of this world. He sees in it the opportunity to achieve his goal: to assassinate the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

The opinion of CNET France

Launching on Syfy, the first season of Deadly Class did not find the expected success and it was Netflix who bought the broadcasting rights, without however offering him a second chance. A series that died prematurely while it still had a lot to tell, like the comics from which it is inspired.

But this absence of a finale should not however prevent you from enjoying a show that manages to link the adolescent spirit with extreme violence. A bit as if the characters of Riverdale solve their problems the way John Wick. Romantic relationships and big fights come together in a show that explores his crappy universe crescendo.

And if we cannot dodge several clich├ęs of teenage series, we must recognize that Deadly Class surprises us more than once with its very mature and graphic approach to vices and abuse. Between flashbacks in comics sauce and the lifestyle of a certain antagonist, we savor with a tight smile every moment when the series goes out of frame.

We must also applaud the overall quality of writing of the characters who offer us a varied palette of characters, styles, history and above all, we must salute the acting of the actors whose investment we feel. We get attached to everyone and that’s the problem in a series where death is in the title and in the absence of season 2. Frustration when you hold us…

  • A trailer that bleeds:

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A spin-off that boxed in the same category as its role model: Creed (Netflix)


Adonis Creed, son of the late former boxing champion Apollo Creed, dreams of following in the footsteps of his father, whom he never knew. Ready to give up everything to enter the ring, he will ask for help from his father’s greatest rival and friend: the legendary Rocky Balboa. But the latter, retired, now leads a life far from gloves.

The opinion of CNET France

After six opuses, what was left to say and show about Sylvester Stallone’s alter ego? Before it became fashionable, Creed is a legacy sequel to one of cinema’s greatest sagas and, without a doubt, the most successful.

Quite simply because the film manages to tell a lot of things; not only about an aging, lonely Rocky Balboa, whose former career is now all about telling stories to clients; but also on the weight of a name when you are not the first to bear it.

Themes already explored in Rocky V, but who find here a more propitious, more natural, more legitimate, more successful framework. Because if he takes up the mythology, Creed is not a rocky and director Ryan Coogler imposes his own style, paying homage without copying, sublimating the emotion of the characters as well as the rage of the fights.

Creed is also a story of interpretation. Stallone manages to breathe new life into “Rock” (he will win the Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actor) by embracing his vulnerability, while Michael B. Jordan puts on the gloves with excessive power. We will not forget either Tessa Thompson, an anti-Adrian whose role goes much further than being the service support. Creed don’t want to do rocky and that’s why we love it.

  • A trailer that goes up in the ring:

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A spellbinding exploration film: The Lost City of Z (Amazon Prime Video)


In 1906, as he was preparing to become a father, the British colonel and distinguished explorer was sent to the Amazon for mapping purposes. On the spot, he thinks to find the trace of a mysterious lost city. Back in England, this quest turns into an obsession as a good family life awaits him.

The opinion of CNET France

Unquestionably the least accessible work of our selection of the week, The Lost City of Z is, however, the most important. Why ? Because James Gray proves film after film that he is a director who loves detail and finesse and once again does a real work of craftsmanship by drawing inspiration from the life of the real explorer Percy Fawcett.

The Lost City of Z is a new opportunity for the director to once again tell a family story through the prism of a river exploration story whose construction could leave a lot of it aside. Quite simply because Gray is the standard-bearer of a demanding cinema which is discovered piece by piece, like a puzzle which we will only savor in the credits.

And as always, the game is worth the candle, the footage exploring more than a jungle, but the human psyche of a character torn between two worlds, between the promises of a happy future with those he loves. and of a mysterious past whose foundations he seeks. It is the story of the small story hidden in the big one, of a man within a civilization.

The too rare Charlie Hunnam manages to give substance to this complexity, well helped by the admirable score of Sienna Miller, Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson. The Lost City of Z is not a popular film, it is “just” a very, very great film.

  • A trailer that goes into the jungle:

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