Criteria for selecting car insurance

The choice of an auto insurance contract should not be taken lightly. Indeed, several points are to be studied to find the right formula. Choosing the right car insurance: studying your profile The GMF car insurance company is one of the insurers you can contact to take out an insurance contract for your vehicle, but … Read more

Microsoft Teams takes over almost everything from Facebook, even Stories

After launching Viva, its platform focused on the employee experience, Microsoft presents Viva Engage, a real corporate social network that looks a lot like Workplace, Meta’s solution. Source: Microsoft During its Microsoft Inspire conference, the Redmond company announced Viva Engage, a new Viva application. It is neither more nor less than a corporate social network, … Read more

You can cancel your insurance, telephone and other contracts in 3 clicks thanks to these steps

Surely you have already taken out insurance or Internet phone plan. You should therefore know that the termination of these contracts is not a piece of cake. Fortunately, the purchasing power bill plans to change the situation definitively. Focus on termination in 3 clicks! The purchasing power bill provides for “termination of your contracts in … Read more

SpaceX halves the price of the monthly subscription to Starlink in France

After increasing the price of connection equipment to Starlink, SpaceX significantly reduced the monthly rate for access to the service. The other side of the coin is that it comes with a speed restriction policy beyond a certain amount of downloaded data. On Wednesday August 3, 2022, French subscribers to Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite Internet service, … Read more

Soaring logistics costs at Amazon

To cope with soaring prices for fuel, energy and packaging materials, the e-commerce giant Amazon announced that it had to increase the price of its Prime subscription. In France the subscription will go from 5.99 to 6.99 euros per month and from 49 to 69.90 euros per year. The e-merchant justifies its new tariffs by … Read more

Advisors return to risk in the second quarter – August 2022 – News – Life insurance

The Wealth Management Advisors advocated caution at the start of the year, in the face of the uncertainties raised by the war in Ukraine, high market volatility and the return of inflation. This cautious posture did not last long. Seeking performance, CGPs took more risk on life insurance contracts in the second quarter. “He who … Read more