Pensions, unemployment insurance, RSA… towards the launch of reforms in the fall

The president has promised that a labor reform bill will be ready for the start of the school year. Roland LETSCHER/herreneck –

During the July 14 interview, the Head of State gave details on the timetable for the forthcoming reforms. He also said that aid would be more targeted to those who need it most.

Exemplary. Responsibility. Sobriety. Repeated several times by the President of the Republic during the interview granted in the gardens of the Élysée on this Thursday, July 14, these words set the tone for a second five-year term which must break definitively with the “whatever costs” which marked the previous one.

Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, inflation, astronomical public debt and rising interest rates, the head of state has prepared the French for a difficult fall. He also wanted to show them that he was holding his course by confirming that the major reforms announced would indeed be launched in the fall.

There is obviously no question of going back on his campaign commitments to protect the French against inflation. The tariff shield on gas and electricity prices will apply until the end of the year, but the question arises for the future. “Can we take all the increases? No. we will gradually have to have a mechanism…

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